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I’ll admit, I have been slacking off a lot during course five (though I have been teaching my final unit and trying new technology while teaching it) I have not been using my PLN at all in recent months. I realized I needed to catch up see what others are doing, then I read the description for week four, and realized this was the perfect time to check in with several of my fellow Coetaliers that I have been following (and working with ) since the second course.


I always enjoy reading about what Holly Fraser is doing and have found her to be an excellent resource when I’ve needed help or wanted to collaborate. I noticed that she is working a lot with Seesaw, a program I have been playing with some this year. So I reached out to her in order to find out how she is using the digital portfolios and what steps she is taking.

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I noticed that she is working with Andrew Grover using Seesaw to create digital portfolios. I have lurked on his page from time to time and spoken to him a few times, but now that I see what he is doing, I am very curious and excited to follow his journey with using digital portfolios. It will be interesting to see both Holly and Andrew’s final project and find ways to implement digital portfolios more effectively in my classroom.IMG_2367

IMG_2366 While reading some reflective blog examples for week four, I noticed one of the blogs discussed how they use pinterest as well as Twitter to create a larger PLN. Of course, I had never thought of pinterest being a PLN, but I use it all the time and find it to be a very valuable PLN. I even spent some time looking up new ideas for Seesaw in a kindergarten classroom and there is tons of stuff! I even learned about a new app for graphic organizers called Popplet! Why had I never realized what a valuable PLN pinterest can be!


IMG_2369 Of course I have been using Twitter since Coetail began and I am still learning more about how powerful of a PLN it can b I follow several fellow Coetailers and use twitter to communicate with Holly and Linda Grunwald, whom I worked with for a collaboration project during course 2. I also enjoy reading several articles on twitter and am trying to use it more with hashtags in order to find more resources. It is amazing how much stuff is out there!


I enjoy having so many resources and so much help with my PLN. I will have to continue to develop it well after my Coetail experience is over.

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