Update on Final Project

Well, I am doing well with the final project unit (not quite the same on the video making portion).I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the students did throughout the unit now that we are almost finished with it.

The unit’s main goals was to introduce the ideas of past, present and future and discuss the changes and similarities. We also wanted to add a short bit on the needs and wants during this unit as well. I found that creating the unit to make it more inquiry based was rather challenging. Thinking about the past is a very abstract concept for the children so I had to find a way to think about the past and come up with questions they had about the past.

I began the unit simply by passing my own childhood pictures around. They had no idea what they were looking at until they started seeing the older pictures and they figured it out. They had a lot of fun looking at my pictures and noticing some of my toys, clothes and even how I looked.  After we looked at my pictures, I passed around pictures from the past that were sorted in groups (schools, cars, toys, etc.). Their discussions were very interesting when looked at pictures from the past. This helped generate questions and thoughts about the past and really grabbed their interest!


After watching videos, cartoons and commercials from the past (50’s-90’s) we had a high school class come over and we interviewed them! The high school students helped the younger ones with the video, bt each group took a video and had a lot of fun interviewing the high schoolers with questions they came up with. After that interview, my students went home and interviewed someone in their family.  The parents and children had a fun time with this project. I learned a lot about the families in my classroom and saw several really neat pictures.

IMG_0491 IMG_0489 IMG_0490

I figured it was time to introduce the book creator on the ipads and the students made a short (but very time consuming to create) video from their parents interviews.

IMG_0483 IMG_0485

Now we are in the final stages of creating time capsules and recording what is in them. Hopefully these will be opened in 10-20 years!

Originally I was hoping to have the grandparents or parents come in at different points. I did invite them in, but only one parent was able to make it during the interviews of their past. I also changed the final activity. The children did have time capsules, but those will only be shared through Seesaw. They were also working on instructional “how-to” writing during this unit so my colleagues and I decided to have them write a “how to” use an older toy (Rubik cube, jump ropes, etc.). We invited the third grade classes to come and learn how to use the toys. It was a fun way of combining both writing and the social studies units.

Now with all the information and completing the unit (which took a lot longer than the expected time frame), I am off to create my video presentation. I will be honest and say I am not looking forward to this part. My video from unit three was only about 2 minutes and it took several hours to make! I am still new  creating videos so I know this will be very time consuming and a lot of my final post will be more of how the video making went as well as what I decide to include in it (there is so much!!) At least I still have about a month to figure it all out!

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